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Women are Gathering!

Depending on which dimension you are currently residing in, you may or may not have become aware of #riseofthefeminine? Before I elaborate, I’d like to state that this is not an anti-men movement but more about re-balancing the male/female energy in the universe. After 6000yrs+ of patriarchal existence, to the point of not even knowing any different, there is a seemingly rapid emergence of love based messages taking over the internet. This is no coincidence, as we see the likes of Boris and Trump highlighting the fact that fear based living has had it’s day and we all need to co-create a better way. I personally believe even the worst perpetrators would prefer things to feel safer and more secure, they just believe that they have to make lots of money to pay for security and control over others as their trust in life is even less. (Not condoning, just saying). 

As with all things in life it would be so much easier if we could just blame someone or something and therefore shirk any responsibility for the situation. But complacency is an unintended cop-out, “it’s always been this way”is no longer acceptable and being scared of who we really are and how we really feel must cease being numbed out. More and more men and women are out there talking about love, increasing our consciousness and re-connecting our oneness. Yes, it kinda sounds like the 60’s flower power but the big thing missing then was going within to heal ourselves, with the focus on healing the outer world. We have the ability to communicate with each other via technology but we have long lost our ability to communicate intuitively as fear levels have gone up and trust has almost become extinct! 

So as our busy, egoic minds attempt to find solutions to all these world worries we are literally missing the obvious. Maybe if we return to human ‘being’ not ‘doing’ we’ll find the answers are there all the time just waiting for us to be quiet enough to hear them. It’s so crazy that we complain about how awful the world has gotten but continue to get up each day and repeat the same. We’ve just gone with the flow but to change the direction we have to change ourselves. Waiting for someone in ‘power’ to do it is just keeping it the same! We have the power we just need to remember it. I believe that Mother Nature is giving us no choice but to change, sending us children like Greta Thunberg to save the planet! With movements like Extinction Rebellion growing at a fast rate, it is clear that we want to do something but protesting isn’t the only way. I believe it is an act of rebellion to meditate, to find inner peace, to love more, to connect with others, to be happy, regardless! If separation is killing us then connection is what we should be nurturing. The Age of Aquarius is no longer just a song in a hippy musical, it is here. Let’s not compete but collaborate. Let’s support each other not suffer alone. 

Phew! Thanks for hearing me out. If you’re still with me, your inner knowing is leading you and I’m so grateful to not be alone this far in. The driving passion behind the Moon Circles I’m setting up is not for profit, (although I do charge for my time, wisdom and energy exchange), but to help change the world from the inside out, one heart healing has a ripple effect I may never see but just to trust that is enough. 

Join me this Sunday for the New moon in Scorpio ♏️ womens gathering at The Wellness Barn in Ingatestone. These heart-led ladies have set up a space for us to heal together and I’m so privileged to be holding space for you all there.

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