When Women Support Each Other…

They say that when women support each other, incredible things happen and never more before has this shown itself to be true. Empowering each other to remain strong in the face of a global crisis is exactly what is needed right now and belonging to a community of empathic, heart led business women like those within the Winning Women group, is truly a blessing. Rosemary Cunningham holds a space for us all where we feel a sense of belonging, where we can co-create without competition, where we lift each other up, the sign of true leadership.

So during this enforced retreat into ourselves we are having to think differently about what we do in the world, whether that be our work, our play, our relationships or our thoughts. I have had the great privilege and pleasure to assist in helping some of these wonder women to practise those new ways of working and have had some of the most fun days I’ve ever had being at home. Our group meetings on Zoom are raising the vibration of the planet just by us being there and the platform where we share our gifts with the world is invaluable.

So first up is Louise Simpson, a Professional Organiser, with a hint of Marie Kondo and a big dose of Mary Poppins! Louise is not just someone who clears your rubbish out, although I believe she does a lot of that, she gently guides people to see their space differently, to help them make space and to make life so much calmer and easier to negotiate. I wish I had known her when we had to clear my Dad’s house a couple of years ago, such a painful process when you are grieving. I would have paid anything to have had her empathic assistance whilst letting go of so many memories attached to things.

To help Louise practise doing this virtually through a screen was a pleasure as we spent 2 hours assessing which rooms in the house light me up or drag me down. Then I took Louise around my house to show her those rooms. She listens to what you are really wanting and calmly gives you hints, tips and advice on how to go about things step by step. I have a wonderful but messy partner who I now realise needs an allocated space where I am ok with what is natural for him. Even though he moved in with me nearly 2 years ago now, the main bedroom is really still my room, with little or no space for his things, having my eyes opened to that was so helpful. It seems that just knowing that I was having the session with Louise was enough for him to start being more mindful of my need for calmness through clearer spaces. We haven’t tackled the spare room yet but I feel confident now that we can sort it without conflict, phew! Thanks Louise, you’re amazing!

Next up is magical creator Ingrid Talosi, portrait photographer and self-love student extraordinaire! When I first met Ingrid, she attended a little relaxed networking group I had set up a few years ago. She was shy of speaking as her English was not so clear as it is now, she is from Hungary, and she was just getting started as a business woman with a toddler to take care of. I have watched her blossom into a networking goddess and a heart led creator. Photography is the basis, but it takes so much more than that to bring the true essence of someone out in a picture. She now has a studio and in return for self-love lessons she helped to shape my branding with fantastic photos. We were bartering and skill swapping long before lockdown!

So on Tuesday of this week Ingrid did a photoshoot with me literally through the lens of my iPhone! It was more difficult to know which hand was left or right when asking me to adjust my positions, so we had to go slowly and listen carefully as I could not see her just hear her voice giving confident directions. The challenges were fun, trying to find props to get the camera in the right position, to get the lighting right and to wait for the internet to play with us. One of my cats Sydney, loves to pose, so she got to join in too! The outcome was quite amazing as it was difficult to get clarity through phone lenses but with her genius skills she managed to produce some fab shots. Ingrid always manages to capture me just right with her cheekiness, just before she clicks the camera.

So there you go, how much fun and creativity we may have missed if we hadn’t been shut indoors for a few weeks. Some say there is a cunning plan to keep us all separate but instead we have come closer together, stronger through adversity, more creative through community love and support. Incredible things are happening regardless.

if you would love to have creative fun and support these wonder women’s businesses then check out their websites by clicking on the images below:

Kellie xx

(P.S. Just putting my serious spiritual hat on for a moment. I’m on the lookout for curious seekers like myself, who see things differently, who want to ramp up their levels of light, trust and frequency as a collective, as a light warrior. This will be a Zoom scenario, a place to share our insights and expand our consciousness together without ego. The intention is to make sure we fulfill our soul missions, it will not be business orientated. But who knows, maybe the future will be to hire Lightworkers to advise the government! 😘 PM me if you are called).  🙏✨💛

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