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Whatever Happened to Courage?

If you have the courage of your convictions, you have the confidence to do what you believe is right, even though other people may not agree or approve. - Collins Dictionary

I had literally just written the words above when the universe sent me a test! I was excited for an opportunity to take part in a photoshoot, for what I thought was a chance for some freedom, from the constrictions that are rapidly being forced upon us. Just a small group of ladies going for a wild swim in the river, what could possibly spoil that? Being out in nature in the past few months, has been my place where I feel free, grounded and peaceful. So a chance to take a leap of faith and jump into the river during the summer for fun and wellbeing was a definite “hell, yes!” for me. It seemed like a stroke of luck when a lovely lady who guides people in swimming the great outdoors offered to put on a proper organised event for us. But for me that is where the spontaneous fun stopped and the courage of my convictions started.

 As I opened the attached documents I figured I would be signing the usual health questionnaire, such as ‘do I have any history of heart disease?’ etc. but no, it was about having to use antibacterial hand gel, compulsory swimming hats and social distancing in the water. With all due respect to the organiser, it’s her job and she has to follow the safety rules, so this is not a judgement about her at all. But for the free spirit in me who only a few months ago was swimming in natural water holes in Far North Queensland, it was ruined. I’ll be honest and tell you that I cried when I saw this, not because I was disappointed but because of despair at what has become of our human nature. I also knew that I would have to stand in the courage of my conviction, speak my truth and cancel my booking. 

I know for sure there are not many people who will understand why I feel this way and I’ll do my best to explain, as it’s not just an opinion but a deeply felt call to stand my ground. From the moment I arrived here on earth I’ve had the feeling that something is not quite right and homesick for somewhere that doesn’t appear to exist here. As a highly sensitive person in a highly insensitive world, I’ve struggled to be my true self as there seems to be no tolerance for those with strong feelings, intuition and spirituality, No deep respect for nature, and that includes humans. Even running a yoga studio as a business forced me to compromise my values and all that, in the end made me sick. So in a bid to free myself from my own prison, I sold my business and have taken a long time to heal and reveal my true self, just in time for when it matters most. 

Why is it that we believe that we are separate from nature, that all things natural have been tampered with, destroyed and poisoned? Why do we not trust in nature and our natural abilities? It seems that anything that brings joy, raises our natural vibration, like singing, dancing, laughter and gathering together have been banned, that all things that heal us naturally, that grow around us, are illegal or considered weeds to be pulled out. Individuality is discouraged, critical thinking is censored, daydreaming frowned upon, fighting, blaming, denying, lying and stealing from the 99% just accepted. Everything is just about the opposite to nature and what’s worse is and far more worrying to me, is the acquiescence of this as normal. Where did the courage and confidence to stand up for what is right go? Has the world really been brainwashed into compliance? 

Science has come so far now, the discovery of what was there all along, that we have the power to heal ourselves just like the earth started to do when we were all locked up, giving her a chance to breathe. What if we locked up all the people who seem to think they are in charge of us and stop tampering with our nature? Maybe we would start to heal too...

If you are looking for a likeminded community of courageous love activists, there is an app you can use to stay in touch. I’m looking to bring together heartled leaders, healers and soul sisters to expand our power and be a force of light to be reckoned with! Kellie 🙏💛✨

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