There is Nothing Wrong With Us!

Written by Kellie Jones

Indulge me for a moment and let’s just assume this to be true, if we all believed that there is nothing wrong with us, what would the world look like? If there were nothing to fix because we’re not broken, nothing to change because we are perfect as we are and nothing to fear as everything is exactly as it is supposed to be, what would we all be doing instead? Can you imagine that or is it just too ridiculous to contemplate? Are you thinking that I’m just a delusional hippy or are you getting a vague picture of possibility? Would we all be narcissists or blissful yogis? Although I have opted out of watching, listening or reading world news, I am not unaware of the sheer scale of darkness being revealed and brought into the light for all to see. Does this mean the world is broken or in need of fixing? If we are all one, why are we waiting for someone else to sort things out? I wonder who would be steering the helm of world matters if our beliefs were different? 

What intrigues me the most is how we have come to these conclusions and what can we do about it? I believe there is a strange safety in being broken and ‘imperfect’, yet we all have all experienced people in the world who show us how to be present and grateful, regardless. I can hear the collective mind looking for something or someone to blame it on but even worse than that is the complacency that it’s just the way it is, that there is nothing we can do about it. There are even stories out there that highly evolved beings from other dimensions are making themselves known to us now that we are in such a mess! 

There are thousands of posts, memes, talks, workshops, ( including my own!), that are aimed at convincing us we are good enough, that we were born perfect and we’ve just forgotten. The major issue that I can see so far is that most of us don’t really believe that. Consciously we agree with the logic but our subconscious mind can store limiting beliefs without us even being aware of them! Mostly it will be apparent in our patterns of behaviour, choices and outcomes. I have been aware of my own sabotaging beliefs for a few years, but it’s been a long drawn out journey discovering how to switch them off. Some techniques such as EFT, Hypnotherapy and NLP have helped me greatly in some circumstances but the deepest, darkest buried stuff has been a long and winding road to freedom. I’m still doing the work and I’ll share the details at a later date, as I know it will help someone out there to feel freedom too. But with the perspective that I’m someone who loves to study her own emotions, (Virgo Moon! ), how can we help those who have no clue about any of this, who are asleep as they say? How do we at least reach a tipping point? Well, could we maybe start by bringing awareness to what’s right with us? 

The technique that is finally assisting my return to myself, to the me that truly believes there’s nothing wrong with me, is called DTO, or do the opposite! I know it sounds so simple, and it is, it’s just our amazing human minds that make it complicated. As my good friends, Jonathon Shaw and Steve Jakes would say, “we make shit up and then believe it!” If this technique is helping me and so many individuals to break free of our stuck belief triggers, could we not employ this idea to the global situation? Is it just me or is the general global mindset stuck in a cycle of beliefs that trigger poor behavioural patterns? 

Anyhow, that’s my rant over for a bit, I  just wish to spark a different kind of conversation, to open up a few hearts and minds to a new perspective and to hold a space for those who are awakening too. I will definitely be sharing more about my own experiences with DTO but for now if this has awoken something within you I highly recommend listening to Jonathon and Steve’s podcast, Inside Out Effect. Or maybe you are ready to do the work, (even though Jonathon is officially a magician it does require your participation), so I’ve included links to their websites below. 

If you are wanting support and connection with like-minded souls then follow the link for my regular monthly Moon Circles or if I can assist you with creating a more self-loving, spiritual lifestyle, you can book a free tea and a chat via my website. 

One thing I know for sure, is that now is the time to look within to change the world without…

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