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Updated: Jul 1, 2019

What could be a more amazing way to grow and learn than writing and running a 7 week course on Self-Love! When I spontaneously decided to put the idea out into the world I hadn’t written a thing, I just had an intuitive hit that it was time to put a course together with no idea what it would bring me. Like all highly sensitive, empathic lightworkers, my initial desire was to help other women rise up into their own power, little did I know the whole process would be a healing journey for myself.

One would think that as it had been a year since I stopped working and 7!!! months since I sold my yoga and pilates business, that I must have healed up by now? I must be ready to put myself back out into the world to be seen in my new found freedom? In another dreamy dimension I saw myself as this high-vibrational being with love for myself beaming out from every pore, but in this current human reality I still felt raw and vulnerable with a bizarre fear of being exposed as a fraud.

So it was no surprise to me that just a handful of ladies booked to come, as I knew that the energy of self-doubt had crept into have a laugh with my intuition. Argh!!! How can I teach others to trust their hearts if mine had gone into hiding?? I prayed for guidance, asking if I was really ready to do this, asking for a sign. Then whilst at a Winning Women meetup, Rosemary announced that she had started her now, very busy and successful group, 6 years ago, with herself and 2 women in her living room. That was all I needed to hear as I recalled starting my own little pilates and yoga studio, 16 years ago, with just enough space for me and 4 mats. It was not easy for my ego mind to accept that I was a start-up again but I did a little letting go ceremony and found myself walking into The Yoga Factory in Southend to meet the two brave souls that had come along. And then my sign came; one of the two women sitting in circle with me had been one of the very same two women at Rosemary’s first ever meeting! Thankyou Universe!

So why did I share this with you? Why would I tell you my fears when I’m supposed to be alleviating yours? Trust was a word that came up in the first couple of weeks for some and the desire to see oneself through the eyes of others was another. I realised as I sat there listening that if we could all see beyond each other’s veils then we could see ourselves reflected back. On week 7 as we chose our oracle cards from the Return to Love deck, I found the card you can see in the image in my hand, Transparency - dare to show who you really are! The message was clear, transparency is the fast lane to love, it requires you to show all of who you are, light and dark, to stand fiercely in your truth. How can you ever truly experience love if you do not live from a place of honesty, transparency and truth? All that is unspoken will be felt in the energy anyway. I can testify that this unspoken energy has made me sick in the past and creates pain and separation. To connect from the heart the walls around it need to come down. Love grows when we share the parts we are afraid to show.

So if any of you are feeling the urge to take this journey of transparency with me I’ll be starting to put together the online version soon and I’ll be looking at dates The Self-Love Club’s New Moon Sister Circle, when I return from my birthday holiday in Cornwall. For now, take a glance in the mirror and simply say, “I see you, I hear you, I love you.”

If you’d like to start your self-love plan straight away, you can get my free 7 day training videos delivered to your inbox by clicking this link https://bit.ly/self-love7

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