As I write this I’m pretty sure that whatever the ‘truth’ may be as to why we find ourselves in a global crisis situation, there is one real truth that every single soul on the planet needs to come to terms with and you’re probably not going to like it. As I write these words a confirmation from the universe blasts into my ears from the speakers playing reggae tunes in my garden. The words “ Karma, you reap what you sow” and “When will they learn?” resonate deep inside my inner knowing. I am not however, saying that we deserve this, I am in fact saying the opposite. We deserve joy, peace and compassion more than ever before.  But as the world in general seems on the surface, to be awakening to the reality of our excessive lifestyles, no longer being sustainable, the more shocking awakening has yet still to happen. There is a truth far greater than any court in the land could reveal and it’s so simple the shame of realising it may be just what is standing in the way. 

Before I go on any further, let me just say that this is what came to me whilst cleaning my bathroom, listening to a wonderfully wise astrologer talking about the planet Saturn, being retrograde right now, and what that could mean to all of us. Saturn is around nine times the size of Earth, named after the Roman god of wealth and agriculture; its astronomical symbol (♄) represents the god's sickle. It symbolizes man having a material nature that will reign. Saturn symbolizes dominance, power, and change. Saturn is associated with limitation, restrictions, boundaries, practicality and structures. Saturn governs ambition, career, authority and hierarchy, and conforming social structures. Ultimately Saturn represents responsibility and self-discipline, (this is the first clue!)  

Of course there are many other planetary aspects that are contributing to the current situation but the influence of Saturn has been in my awareness for quite a while now. It started with Tom, my partner, buying his first planetary gong for sound healing events. He was drawn to it and I decided to look it up and see why. Back then I thought it was because he's an Aquarian, as it’s one of his ruling planets, Uranus being the other. Then, in a spontaneous moment, I ended up purchasing the Uranus gong for myself, and on looking at the significance of that I felt a small penny drop. Here are the words I read:

 Uranus represents electricity, individualism, originality, and freedom. Uranus Qualities: Edgy, penetrating, liberating. Breaks through old patterns; supports spontaneous insights and intuition. Used to incite community action, to build new bonds through group ceremony and to foster deep group connections. The planet Uranus is a harbinger of change. It moves against the flow of ordinary understanding, defying even the most powerful and monumental forces to carve a unique pathway through space. The Uranus gong resonates at a frequency that inspires us to break through our entrenched ideas and habitual tendencies to create something entirely revolutionary in our lives. It stimulates our electromagnetic system, “sparking” us toward greater creativity, individuality and resourcefulness. It summons the collective consciousness to be strong in the face of revolutionary change. - Mark Swan

Boom! This description tapped right into my inner knowing. I also found out that Uranus was entering the sign of Taurus for the next 7 years. I discovered that it’s a planet that forces us out of our comfort zones and encourages us to change for the better. As Uranus moves through grounded Taurus, it can shake our foundations in the areas Taurus rules: our finances, material possessions, our self-esteem. Can anyone see the dots joining together yet? 

I don’t consider myself an expert in anything, but I do realise that my ability to see things globally rather than in minute detail is my superpower, if I’m brave enough to share it. I’ve always questioned things that many wouldn’t, I know I’m not alone in that, but it does seem that those who do, are deemed to be crazy. This quote defines it: 

“When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” - C.S.Lewis. 

Yet although many people, including my own loved ones, may think of me this way, Kurt Cobain’s quote feels relevant right now:

“They laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh at them because they're all the same.” (although I feel more like crying for everyone right now). 

I’ve always had trouble with conforming and believe me, I have made myself quite unwell trying to fit in.  I may not have been ‘working’ too much since I sold my business a couple of years ago but I have been doing the most important work, working on myself. It’s an ongoing project! What I found was that I had been living, quite innocently, my whole life as someone almost entirely shaped by her environment. As I stripped myself back to almost nothing to see what was left, I noticed how much of my behaviour was reliant on my surroundings, on others, on perceived identity. Who the hell am I? What am I here for?

As I travelled more and more inwards to face myself, the more I noticed my triggers. I wore myself out trying to work out where they came from, how they started. Was it childhood, teenage years, past lives? I finally worked out that there is no point in making sense of it, that’s just the ego mind’s need to have a reason, to find something to blame. What did I really want to know? Peace, joy, love and purpose, that’s what I wanted to know and to find that I had to learn how to take responsibility for my feelings, my reactions and the beliefs that create them. It really was liberating to discover that no matter how much my behaviours, patterns and beliefs have been shaped by my parents, schools, my peers, culture or mainstream media, to name a few, I have the power within me to change them, if I really want to. Now really isn’t a time to opt for “better the devil you know!” 

Ok so, with that in mind, I realise that I am a natural seeker and I look for my own answers and ultimately I was pissed off enough with myself to take action and do the work. This is the key I suppose. I promise you that once you have experienced the freedom in your own mind you will continue to do the work as you won’t want to go back. This brings the current world situation to mind; how pissed off are you going to get before you do something? How much are you giving your own power away to others without even knowing you have it? When will you begin to understand that you have a responsibility to yourself and the world to change? What makes me most sad is the fact that the majority believe that this is all someone else’s fault, they are not important or powerful enough to do anything about it so will just lay down and be controlled by a system that no longer serves anyone but a very select few. 

So hear me out for just another minute. If it is true that our thoughts create our reality, that what we focus on we attract more of and that our hearts are more intelligent than our minds, can we risk dismissing this? Can we afford to sit back and blame, excuse, deny and hope that someone sorts it all out for us? What kind of world could we be living in if every person knew how important they are to the world and that they have abilities that just haven’t been visible to them before? 

If you have made it this far, thank you so much for taking the time for yourself, to stretch your mind, to consider a better future. If you want to dig deeper, to have a place to go where it’s ok to know this stuff, to feel supported and loved through your exploration, then feel free to message me. I’m gathering responsible hearts who want to help increase the frequency of the planet, to stand strong together and to serve others who may need us as the world crumbles and a new earth is formed. 

With Gratitude & Love, 

Kellie 🙏💛 

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