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Practical Magic on Wheels

Practical Magic on Wheels. 

The upcoming New Moon in Virgo on the 30th August at 11.37am is also a Supermoon and a Black Moon too. A super moon basically means the moon will be at its closest point to the earth’s elliptical orbit this year and a black moon means there has been 2 new moons in one calendar month, (this can be different depending where in the world you live). Virgo energy is most well known for its analytical, planning ability and groundedness which is good news for me as this will be most noticeable in my 10th house. This means that the powerful energies will be influencing my career, ambitions, making my mark on the world and what I’m known for. As I write this, the moon is still hanging out in Leo which was useful yesterday as I had a fun job interview where I had to be confident and outgoing, a part of me that’s been in hibernation for quite a long time with all the recent Retrogrades! 

Feeling like everything is going backwards not forwards was getting a little boring for the Sagittarius rising in me, I’ve been a total home loving cancerian in my shell for what seems like an eternity. Feeling the showstopper energy of Leo looming has sparked the part of me that likes to turn heads every now and again and all of a sudden I found myself on a road trip to Bristol to buy myself the bike you can see in the image. I’ve had the biggest smile on my face riding the cycle paths in the park, like a kid who has just taken her stabilisers off! I’ve had a lot of unticked boxes on my list of wishes, particularly getting myself a bicycle. I had my heart set on an orange cruiser bike, it’s on my vision boards and I’ve searched all over the country but it had been discontinued so I recently let go of the idea of an orange bike which ultimately opened the gateway for a better one to appear. Also I’d not ridden a road bike since I was a teenager so there was a little fear in there somewhere which may have been keeping my dream just out of reach. So combine the Leo showiness with some serious energy clearing work I did on myself on Friday just gone and I’ve got a massive tick in that box now! 

Those of you that know me well won't be surprised by the synchronous story that materialised during my impulsive journey to Bristol. Some would say that it seems a little extreme to borrow my brother’s car, ( he’s on his honeymoon and I’ve got a 2 seater), and drive for over 3hrs to buy a bicycle but I just had a knowing that this was the one. When I turned up at the address I was given the owner of the bike came out to greet me and straight away I knew I had come to the right place. She was bright and colourful with sparkly blue eyes, fiery red hair and as short as me! She offered me a glass of water, (it was 30 degrees outside), and the use of her bathroom after my long drive. I then walked into the room to meet the bike and would you believe it there were two bikes, (she collects them but is having to move house), and yes, you guessed it, the other one was orange!! Not only did she have the orange bike but she was also a vegan, pagan with a 22 year old black cat #wakingthewitches!! She knocked some money off for the petrol I’d used, threw in a bicycle lock and gave me a little wooden carving with this quote on it:

‘Pagans make the best of friends, they worship the ground you walk on.” 

Underneath the quote was a carving of a Hare. I couldn’t believe it, the sign of the hare again. Too long a story to include here but I told her my tale of a baby hare, or leveret that had briefly touched my life. We then sweated and struggled to fit the bike in the boot until a nice man came along to save us. I knew she was sad to see her beautiful bicycle leave and promised to take good care of her, she said, “I won't tell you what I named her as I expect you’ll want to name her yourself. Let me know what you call her.” We hugged goodbye and went off to find the vegan cafe she had given me directions to. 

During my drive home I started to think about what name I would give my beautiful new bicycle. I figured the hare was a sign and decided on ‘Harriet” and hoped that she would like that. I stopped for a welcome break after a couple of hours and saw I had a text from the lady. It said,”It was lovely to meet you and it’s great to know ‘Harriet’ has a loving home with the right person.” Mind Blown!!! 

So with magic and miracles in mind this upcoming New Moon in Virgo is a powerful time to set your intentions, write down your wishes and declare to the universe, “For the good of all or not at all!” Virgo is the sign of service so be sure to do something kind for someone, feel that good vibration and repeat. The general emphasis of this moon is, take an inventory of your life, be of service and be healthy.  If you want to find out more about how the planets are affecting you then I recommend Yasmin Boland’s 

If you’d like to raise your vibration in preparation for this New Moon then come along to our Cosmic Sound Bath on the 30th August for 2 hours of sound meditation and relaxation. click this link to book:

Happy Manifesting, 

Love Kellie x

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