Planning with the planets

As we go about our daily lives, planning our next ‘business’ move can seem to be just simply what we need to do next based on logical assumption. Then when faced with the task we may falter, hesitate, procrastinate or go at it with full gusto. I know that I have done all of these at some point without really knowing why I was hesitant or fully motivated. One could assume that it may of been due to how I was feeling in myself at that time or that it was purely that one job was more fun than another but could there be something bigger than that steering me?

I had been hosting Full Moon Gong Baths at my yoga studio for a couple of years and this was certainly a job that never felt like work. Each month I would research the upcoming full moon and it’s astrological meanings, quite honestly for marketing purposes to begin with but then I began to notice synchronicities and realised that the moon’s energy was real and a part of our nature that we have just lost touch with.

The day I went into hospital to have my appendix removed,(15/05/18), was on a New Moon in Taurus. This means it was time to look at how much I was valuing myself, was I living according to my values, was I receiving the abundance I deserved and how could I make my life better? It is also not recommended to have surgery on a New moon but hey I had no real choice but guess what, the operation left me in incredible pain for 5 weeks, plenty of time to re-evaluate! This day was the catalyst that led me onto a new more intuitive, heart led path. I sold my business, took some time to heal and nurture myself and bought a planetary gong!

Leaping forwards into the present moment, as you can clearly see, the planets were calling me to help them guide others too. I confess that I am not a qualified astrologer, (yet), but as an intuitive I can confidently share what I do know so that it may help some of you to create, plan and manifest some magic in your own lives. Of course none of this means we shouldn’t use our brains, we wouldn’t be able to take any action without it! It just means that if you can trust your own inner guidance system by aligning with the lunar cycle and other planetary aspects you can make better plans and take better care of yourself.

Finally I expect you are wondering what’s happening up in the stars right now for you so I’ll give you a basic general picture of this week: Tomorrow at 4.30pm is a New Moon in psychic Pisces, conjunct to dreamy Neptune so an extremely good time to start a more spiritual practise, to set a new intention out to the universe and trust that you are being pulled towards your destiny. Get dreamy, get creative and know that Saturn and Mars will help you to see your projects happen. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or wandering aimlessly without direction then trust that this a is a cosmic opportunity for a bright and beautiful beginning. That said however it is important that you know that Mercury is also going retrograde as we speak so it might be worth noting that communications will be a bit murky in the dreaminess. Have more patience and understanding, leave more time for the unexpected and wrap up things that need finishing so you’re good to go when Mercury goes direct again.

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